Thursday, 30 April 2015

How do I choose the right professional wedding photographer in Adelaide?

Is Adelaide the destination for your dream day? Are you thinking about hiring a professional to capture your special moments?
Stop thinking about it.
You’ve spent months planning your wedding day. Years dreaming about it. A lifetime waiting for your soulmate. A single day that has had that much time devoted to it surely deserves to be captured – in exactly the way you want to remember it.

Friends and family are great for happy snaps, but resting your future family photo albums in their usually-capable hands may be a risk you’re not willing to commit to. Don’t take the risk – hire someone who has not only the technical skills, but a unique knack, for capturing memories to film. Hire a professional wedding photographer.

Where do I start? How do I choose the right professional wedding photographer in Adelaide?
It’s a very wide market, flooded with information – but don’t get discouraged! Follow these simple tips and tricks, to help you choose the right professional to capture your special day:
1.    Ask To See A Portfolio, And Study It Carefully.
Each photographer is as unique as the event you are capturing. They have their own personal style, areas of expertise, and vision. Any experienced professional wedding photographer will be able to provide you with a portfolio of their work. Ask to see photographs from weddings with similar venues, to get a feel for what you can expect. Not quite ready to book a consultation? No dramas – you can be certain that professional wedding photographers have proof of their work uploaded online. Look at the lighting, the angles, the colours and definition – professional photography is about a lot more than a stunning subject and beautiful location! Once you’re done trawling through the big wide world of online portfolios, you will know exactly what look you’re going for, and you’ll be ready to make an appointment with the photographer who really catches your eye. Trust us – if their work is catching your eye after being assaulted by the myriad of amateur photography portfolios, you can be sure that your personal styles and tastes will align for perfect photographs!

2.    Start Early.
Think about booking your professional photographer the same way you think about booking your venue – places go quick during wedding season! By making an appointment early, you will not only secure your special date, but your photographer can be there to capture the whole process from start to finish, should you wish! Even better, by booking your professional photographer early, you give them the opportunity to get to know yourself and your FiancĂ© – thus ensuring that the moments captured on your big day are the ones your family and friends are seeing, not always the “Stop! Pose!” moments. It’s a big day, plenty of room for posing in the occasional selfie later!
On a serious note though, you don’t want to be caught out a month before the wedding without a pro locked in. Get in early.

3. Discuss Your Needs & Expectations.
It may sound a little strange, but you need have the same relationship with your wedding photographer as you do with your hairdresser. Totally different services, but if it’s not right, pretty much the same result! A professional photographer will listen to your carefully, assess your personal style and preferences and capture your moments according to those preferences. Be honest! Be frank! Discuss your ideas and needs – a professional photographer will be able to advise how best to deliver what you want. Don’t be afraid – they will be completely open to your views and will prepare themselves accordingly to deliver exactly what you want; it is, after all, your day!

About Love That Shot:
Love That Shot is Adelaide’s premier provider of professional photography services. Specializing in capturing the fleeting, often-missed moments, arrange a consultation to discuss your wedding photography needs. Also available for all manner of other professional photography services including engagements, portraits, events, corporate, portfolio, and commercial.

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