Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Methods for photographing diverse couples

Photographers have the ability to bring out the best of all couples they photograph; no matter the diversity. I find there is much debate on blogs about how to photograph couples who are both short and tall. Yes, photographers have techniques they can apply to ensure the perfect shot is captured, of which I will share a couple however this would only be done if that is what the couple were after. Adelaide wedding photographers easily achieve an image that the couple will cherish.

Methods can include differing standing or kneeling poses and using perspective by having one person in the foreground. Stairs are also great to use and especially on a wide angle. Having the brides wedding dress flowing down the chairs also is a great trick.

At the end of the day you need to discuss the needs and wants with your client. What I find in the majority of my clients is that they have met each other and fallen in love with the people they are; they expect nothing different but to see them, as they are.

An Adelaide Professional photographer would always discuss the needs and the wants of the client and ensure they are comfortable with the approach taken.

About Lovethatshot: is a professional wedding photographer with a special knack of capturing that fleeting moment and making it a permanent memory.


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